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Michigan Women's Microloan Fund

Welcome to the Michigan Women's Microloan Fund. We strongly recommend applicants to read the information on our website before applying for a loan, as it will assist you in the application process. You can acceess this information by clicking HERE.

Microloan Eligibility Requirement:

  • 51% owned or led by a woman considered in the low to moderate income rage
  • Legally established and registered with the State of Michigan
  • A privately held company
  • A small business as defined by the Small Business Administration
  • Based in Michigan
  • Majority owned by a resident of Michigan
  • Use funds for future expenses. Loan funds may not be used for prior expenses, repayment of loans or capital contributions, investments, payments or distributions to founders, principal, owners or affiliates of the company

If you have any questions regarding the Angel Microloan Fund, please contact:

Katie Oswald
Angel Microloan Fund, Manager of Operations and Programs
313-962-1920 ext. 205